Olof Sager-Nelson and his contemporaries. “Anywhere out of the world” 27 February – 5 June, 2016

The years around 1900 were a revolutionary time, with rapid industrialisation, modernisation and scientific progress. At the same time, many people sought to look towards the darker sides of life and the mystery of human existence. Olof Sager-Nelson (1868-1896) was an artist who lived in the midst of this turbulence and became known for his soulful portraits. He was born in the
Swedish province Värmland and studied art in city of Gothenburg. Sager-Nelson was drawn to the art scene in Europe, where he painted his most important works. Never returning to Sweden, he died at the mere age of 27, in the oasis of Biskra, Algeria, where he was trying to cure his tuberculosis.This exhibition, which features nearly twenty paintings by Olof Sager-Nelson, seeks to show his works in a larger perspective. His paintings will be shown
together with a rich selection of mainly Nordic artists from the same circles, along with others who worked in the same tradition. For the first time, Sager-
Nelson is presented as part of an international movement, rather than as a Swedish oddity. Ernest Thiel appreciated Sager-Nelson and bought four of his works after the artist’s death, for the collection here at the Thiel Gallery.
The title of the exhibition, "Anywhere out of the world”, is from the French poet Charles Baudelaire, and alludes to the restlessness of the soul and the desire to exceed the limitations of reality. The longing for alternatives to the current state in society is something we see in our own time. Sager-Nelson’s oeuvre is characterised by a profound interest in humanity and reminds us that our encounter with others is an opportunity to expand our own horizons.

The exhibition is produced by Göteborgs konstmuseum.

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